Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work has been busy, but I'm not dead!

Hello fellows! Sorry for the disappearance, I've been pretty active at work and at home. It is growing near time for me to embark on my epic journey back to Texas. The life I have lived is most certainly crazy as fuck so far, and I can't believe it has led to this and am excited where it is leading. The power is in your hands; you just have to find it.

Recently watched some good movies - Biodome, Adaptation (REALLY GOOD), and Silent Running:

For your patience, I bring you some sexy new images!!


  1. haha funny stuff thanks for sharing

  2. Nice post!!!

    I wait on my blog!!!

    $upporting return favor BRO!!!!

  3. What's with that police gif? That guy got fucked up...

  4. i lol'd at the pics. kinda went like whoa at the gif though...

  5. "Medic! MEDIC! This man is dying from a collapsed lung!"

    "We'll have to improvise, thrust your fist into his face and stomach"

  6. Nice post. Keep up the good work.

  7. Ooh I want to watch Adaptation now. Cool blog following!

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