Sunday, February 13, 2011

Woke up grumpy on a sunday :( - MY STORY, PART 1

Man, so, I sometimes have anger problems. I am a very relaxed, worry-free person by default, but a lot of tiny things can bother me when things go wrong. For instance, I went to bed at like 6am because I could sleep in and relax today, or so I thought...Mom barges into my room asking for a ride to my Grandpa's so she can pick up her new car. I'm like....FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU goddammit I only had 4 hours of sleep you told me he was coming here, "well he changed his mind LOL Y U MAD" ugggggh such a fucking troll of a mom, fo rizzle -_-

Moving out in one month as of tomorrow. 4 weeks, 28 days, 672 hours, about 40800 minutes from right now. I'm excited as all hell. This living situation resulted from a series of unfortunate events:

-Dad got married to a chinese woman he met on Yahoo! dating and had her and her son move in with us FROM CHINA, they didn't know any english, and just expected everyone to be cool about it right away, ignoring that he basically lied to the entire family for about 2 years prior

-I had waited to take my calculus-based Physics 2 course way too late...until my final semester in fact. That was on top of 3 upper-level computer science courses, plus a computer science independent study that I got paid to do (it was essentially getting paid to take a course), so naturally, very stressful academic environment. I ended up skipping Physics 2 classes many times in favor of "me-time" in the morning, and this proved to be a mistake.

-I didn't graduate. Failed Physics 2, so even though I walked the stage, I still don't have my degree.

-Fell into depression, stopped emailing my boss, quit going to work, just surfed Internet and gamed high all day

-Lost my virginity while jobless, which is VERY odd. I also had sex 3 times during that 3 week period in February of 2009. Actually, the anniversary of my virginity-loss is February 16, which is in 3 days...and I havent had sex in almost 2 years -_-  All the sex I've ever had happened from Feb 16 2009 until like March something.

-Took a crappy telemarketing job, got laid off 2 months in, began receiving unemployment.

-Looked for jobs but wasn't having ANY luck no matter how much effort I put in. The negative returns made me feel like I was wasting my time, when really I wanted to get back into school and focus on my class instead...

-Didn't feel like I could balance job hunting with school, and pressure from family led me to stop attending new classes so I could fail my job hunt more.

-Got into a fight with dad, got kicked out of home, had to find temporary residence and then figure out new place

-Friends across the country were buying their first home, and invited me to move in last June

-Spend June until september going from a very enjoyable environment to hating my roommates.

-By september, they were plotting to kick me out behind my back because I still didn't have a job, even though I was looking very hard.

-I had to move in with my Mom and Grandma several states away, last resort, which didn't feel good that none of my plans had worked out yet...

-Cue many drama-filled nights with the family, screaming matched, petty bullshit, semantics arguments, negativity all around me, stupidity, ignorance, insensitivity, a complete lack of respect for me or anyone around me.

-Examples of what i had to put up with:  Mom stole my car by lying to my face so I'd let her borrow it. She then spent a week living out of it up in another city smoking crack cocaine and doing who knows what else IN MY FUCKING CAR for fucks sakes, and then she comes home finally and expects me to be all peachy-keen and shit, like I'm not going to LOSE MY FUCKING SHIT AS I RUIN YOUR FACE BITCH! God, so, as I'm screaming at her and calling her a cunt and everything else, she looks sad and goes into her room and locks the door. Well I'm like "fuck that" so I break the door down with my shoulder by ramming into it, and so she then goes into the garage (connected to her room) and since it locked from inside, I locked HER out. Eventually she gets back inside and calls 911 on me, so I had to calm down and deal with a police officer come over and shit. He lectures us each for a bit then leaves, I'm crying by this point and want to kill myself for having grown up and ended up in such a ridiculous scenario in the first place...



But now? At this very moment? I'm feel pretty good. The story doesn't end there, because I'm here now, feeling pretty good and doing alright with my family here, and I'll be doing even better when I have moved back to where my friends are. Americans are always saying shit like "dont you want your independence" to adults who still live at home and shit, but that's only because they cant stand their families and think that shit is supposed to be how it is. I wouldn't mind living at home if my family wasn't so intolerable at times, but I'm sure I am as well.

At any rate, it's afternoon, I've just been internetting all day and am clearly not high enough because I spent a while giving a fuck about my buttownage from earlier so lemme toke o some shit, mmm...*toke toke toke*

So, cool pics time!!!


  1. very full content, kept me amused for ages.
    Keep em up

  2. Fear and Loathing picture made me get up and roll a joint immediately. good stuff.

  3. Chin up, no reason to be sad about shit in the past. Deal with present!

    It's mothafuckin Franklin!!

  4. Calculus based physics class? Count me out...

  5. what matters is the present, dont worry about the past

  6. Glad to hear things are looking up :)