Thursday, February 10, 2011

DUBSTEP aka "Super badass music"

Ok, so, I'm awesome as fuck right. I'm sitting here smoking some weed from my glass bong and listening to some tunes, and I thought - let me share the goods with my pimps and hoes:

Lately, I have gotten super-hard into loving Dubstep as my new favorite music genre. I am a man who has sampled - and loved - songs and artists in EVERY category. Like, my music history is as follows:

Started out with kris kross at age 5 (lol white kid nerd started w/ rap wtf?), then moved into Aerosmith and Van Halen when I got my first CD player. Radio played rob zombie, metallica, ozzie osborne, those were some original dudes I liked. My parents didnt want me to listen to I did, lol. Tool, fuck yes they are great. KMFDM remains an absolute, absolute fave.

Anime nerd, so naturally I got into J-pop and J-rock. Malice mizer, pierrot, too lazy to caps,, larc en ciel, morning musume, megumi hayashibara, those are some of 'em. Any anime theme songs were game, too. DDR got me into other genres.

Shpongle and psychedelic trancy chillout stuff is excellent, and its kind of an evolution-of-the-universe thing when I examine the progression of my musical awareness. I am no longer so closed-minded, but I am very aware of what makes music enjoyable to me. Can you believe some people "hate" music? WTF RIGHT????

Anyway, some KICK FUCKING ASS dubstep right here. Get ready to jack off your brains, assholes :D


  1. i'm following you man. i want the videogames and lolis. lol.

  2. wooboost by rusko give that a listen to

  3. ^^ Rusko is amazing! I just got into dubstep recently. It is so great!

  4. I like dubstep!

    But seriously, I think I'm going to start my blog posts with "Okay, so I'm awesome as fuck, right."

  5. Gotta love the dubstep, you feel so grimey after listening to it :)

  6. Just getting into dubstep but liking what I hear so far.